Hands & Feet



Your hands go through a lot during the day. Washing, shopping, cold weather and dry heat all take their toll on the condition of your skin. Our experienced nail technicians will soak your hands and carry out nail work, which will involve snipping, filing and painting. We use Kaeso manicure products especially designed to promote healthy hands and nails.

30 minutes

Our luxury manicure includes a hand and arm massage, conditioning mask and a gel polish.

45 minutes


Our poor feet, they carry us all day, and what do we do to treat them? Stuff them in socks and squeeze them into shoes that make them sweat! Let us take the weight off your feet for an hour and be pampered and polished til they resemble a new pair!

Basic pedicure

A basic pedicure includes a foot soak, attention to cuticles, file and a polish of your choice.

30 minutes

Luxury pedicure

A long soak in a bubble spa, we will scrub away the dead skin, revealing new soft skin underneath, we'll then start on your toenails, shaping and buffing and nipping away the cuticles, a massage, and we'll then apply a lovely colour of your choice, or you can upgrade to a gel polish.

Add £5 for a gel polish.

45 minutes